What does the Nativity do?

Nativity based on the context analysis, as well as behavior analysis, and following the Users’ interests and actions, proposes clearly picked content correspondent to their expectations.

Why is it useful?

  • Personalized and recommendative content for users

  • Increasing the users interest

  • Additional web-site monetization due to sponsor references included into the Nativity instrument.

How does it look on practice?

On practice this is a recommendative box installed on your web-site, Let’s call it, for instance, “Specially for you”; in such a manner we inform Users that the content is selected specially for their interests, so that additional traffic appears on the web-site.

How does Widget look like?

Nativity widget fully corresponds to the web-site design and your needs. You may choose whether it will be horizontal, vertical or detachable. If you are not familiar with CSS, we are ready to help you!

How much can I earn on this?

You will earn on each click to the reference leading to the target page of the content-marketing campaign.

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